Safe Contractor

Safe Contractor

Safe Contractor was initially developed as a bespoke project for a Property Management client who wished to outsource the annual vetting of contractors on its approved list. Interest shown by other similar clients identified the potential for a standardised system that could be offered to the whole of the company’s client base.

In 1999 SupplyLine was born. After further development the product was expanded to provide web based access to its clients and was re-branded as Safe Contractor in 2003.

Steady growth and the adoption of the system by some major brand names such as Kellogg, Debenhams Retail Plc, Home Retail Group and General Motors UK, saw the entry into new client markets and further growth in contractor members.

The company’s standardized system for vetting contractors allowed its clients to outsource the annual vetting process of their approved contractor list, saving time and effort. As the system was expanded to provide web-based access, it became even more convenient for clients to use.

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