Industrial & commercial property maintenance Repairs and Refurbishment

Welcome to Chadwell

Formed in 1984 Chadwell provides a proficient, flexible, affordable solution for multi-facets associated with good property management, which includes multi-disciplined maintenance, design and build solutions, complimenting the installation of mechanical and electrical works.

Chadwell are building contractors based in London and the Essex area. We have a large set of tradesman who are carefully assessed, selected, and highly skilled. This has allowed us to build up a strong reputation over the years as a well-respected and trusted building contractors. We now service a range of clients from general home renovation, London construction and building projects to commercial building maintenance.

What We Do

Chadwell is a leading provider of electrical, mechanical AC, and building maintenance services to commercial, industrial, and retail sectors. With over 30 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including installation, maintenance, testing, and refurbishment. Our team of qualified engineers and tradespeople are committed to delivering innovative and efficient project design to improve the performance of your facility. We provide a cost-effective and reliable service that ensures minimal disruption to your business.


Some Of Our Clients

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